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Intro to CCS

Our lecturer for this subject is Simon Pope who is a well established artist. I really enjoy the manner in which he teaches and find him extremely interesting to listen to.

What is Contemporary Contextual Studies?

All things that happen that are Contemporary
New Ideas
Peer-2-Peer (filesharing)
Copyrights (Creative Commons)
Location Specific Services (GPS, Smart Phones0
Content built for specific places
Substainable development

There will be a flexible format to our lectures but they will roughly follow this structure

Each week = introduction of new topi
1st Half = Interactive discussion between Simon and ourselves about what we’ve found out about previous weeks topic
2nd Half = Introduction to next topic with Simon filling us in on the basics and cdiscussions

Must write in BLOG - Keep backup

200-300 words about topic of the week

10 minute Presentation end of module
Topic of choice from those covered and researched during module
Should be meaningful to me
To the field/s I’m interested in persuing for my Personal Project

Lectures Mondays 10 - 12.00/30

Next weeks topic Peer 2 Peer

Google it
What does it mean to me?
How does it relate to the work that I want to do?
Consider (wider frame)impact on society
Proffessionals in field
Leading software / hardware
What is my field/s?
Other interests I have?