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Stars of C.C.T.V.

Monday, October 09, 2006
You Tube is an excellent way to get ratings for your videos
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You Tube is soon to be available on your mobile in the U.S claims an article published in the New York Times By Matt Richtel on November 28, 2006
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Here in Britain we are in the midst of a music revolution. You Tube, P2P networks and Social networking sites such as My Space, Beeboo and Face Book (click for a comprehensive list of social networking sites) have brought about this revolution. Musicians no longer have to tout their wares to a record companies . They can get their music out there by publishing it online. The fans are the new hit makers, bypassing the men in suits at the record companies.

The Arctic Monkeys are one such band that achieved their fame through the Internet. They were an unsigned band who played local gigs in small backstreet clubs. After uploading demo files to their site they began handing out demo CDs at their gigs with their web address inside the cover. Fans downloaded and shared their music with friends and friends of friends and news of the new talent spread worldwide like a virus. The Arctic monkeys were soon bombarded wit fans demanding to know where they could purchase their music. By the time they got signed they were so popular that their debut single became the fastest selling debut record by a British artist ever. Another such artist who shot to fame online is Lily Allen. She says at the time of joining My Space she didn't realise the potential of using her space as a marketing tool. She initially signed up for an account because "Everybody else was doing it". She never imagined she would gain over 135,000 friends/fans online. She now uses her My Space to keep fans up to date on her career and to inform them of single / album releases and tour dates.

Lily Allen leads the nominations for the Brit Awards this year. The 21-year-old - unknown to all but her My Space friends this time last year - is nominated in four categories including Best British Female. She is also in the running for Best British Breakthrough Act, Best British Album for Alright Still and Best British Single for Smile.

One of her rivals in the Best British Female is Nerina Pallot. The part-French, part-Indian singer-songwriter grew up on the Channel Island of Jersey. She was dropped by her record label in 2001 and considered quitting the business altogether. But her second album Fires, released independently, sold 10,000 copies via the Internet and after-gig sales before it was picked up by a major label. Arctic Monkeys are nominated for Best British Group and for Best British Album.

Salad Fingers

people on the program want to make video but how to make it interactive
interaction with google and You Tube for rating
Radio 2 using it
Chris Moyles
peer 2 peer & my space as marketing tools
Interaction with audiences using my space
Gap in the marketing the film radio industries
copyright issues
snowballing effect with my space
Phenomenon of using camera phones
you can email in videos on "who's been framed"
people using mobile technology
video phone footage from latest gulf war
the Blair witch project - night-vision on big screen
Shift in the way that we do trust thing coming from p2p networks
Network traffic intense when something big happens in one area.
mobiles are centralised networks
diy approach to making news coverage
instead of working for press they work freelance and distribute the media through forums and networks
Independent news gathering services

Compression tools
low resolution images
a lot of people who make movies want to make high compression movies in a controlled environment
data rate
Vectorised graphics are scalable without losing quality and sharpness of images compared to pixelated images
GPRS expensive so would have compressed images
Image quality is down to bandwidth of user


flash technology produced for people distribution of video
opportunity to pitch an animation for a broadcast

peter greenway

light low res approaches to making images

personal project

you can do screen projecting

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Japanese commercial, DoCoMo ...

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QR code readers and generators can be downloaded free of charge from

QR Codes. Next Big Thing From Japan?

Nokia N93 launches with barcode reader software pre-installed

Nokias latest smartphone, the N93 has launched and is perhaps one of the most ‘action packed’ cellphones Nokia has ever made. If you look past the shiny optical lens, wifi, bluetooth and other 3G features, you’ll find innovations on the software side also.

A poster and magazines with TMS code content from the Phillappines


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social networking sites

Name Description/Focus User count Registration
43 Things Tagging 627,000[1] Open
Adoos Latin America and Spain classifieds, personals 1,000,000 Open
Amie Street Music Unknown[2] Open
AIM Pages AOL Instant Messenger Unknown Open
aSmallWorld European jet set and social elite 150,000[3] Invite-only African-Americans 18,000,000[4] Open
Babbello Australian teenagers 30,000[5] Open
Bebo Schools and colleges 22,000,000[6] Open
Blue Dot Link sharing 80,000[7] Open
Blurty Blogs, based on LiveJournal 947,169[8] Open
Bolt General (music and video) 4,000,000[9] Open
CarDomain Car enthusiasts 1,600,000[10] Open
Care2 Green living and activism 6,600,000[11] Open School, college, work and the military 40,000,000[12] Open
Consumating "Consumeetings" 21,000[13] Open
Cyworld South Korea 15,000,000[14] Open
Dandelife Collective narratives or "shared biographies" unknown Open
DeadJournal "Dark" blogs, based on LiveJournal 490,310[15] By invite or payment Mobile location-based service unknown[16] Open
Doostang Careers 53,000[17] Invite-only Latvia 731,652[18] Invite-only
Ecademy Business 100,000[19] Open
eCRUSH General 3,800,000[20] Open
Facebook General 12,000,000[21] Open
Facebox European young adults (14-24) 1,704,391[22] Open
Faceparty British teens and 20-somethings 5,900,000[23] Open
Flickr Photo sharing 4,000,000[24] Open
Fotki Photo sharing 1,000,000[25] Open
Friends Reunited School, college, work, sport and streets Unknown[26] Open
Friendster General 29,100,000[27] Open
Frühstückstreff General 10,100[28] Open
Gaia Online Anime and Games 5,000,000[29] Open
Gazzag General Unknown Open
GoPets Virtual pets 400,000[30] Open School, college, and work 650,000[31] Open
GreatestJournal Blogs, based on LiveJournal 1,514,865[32] Open Poland 830,000[33] Invite-only
Hi5 General 50,000,000[34] Open
Hyves General; focus on students and Dutch speakers 2,311,790[35] Open
imeem Instant messaging Unknown[36] Open
IMVU 3D chat software 1,000,000[37] Open
IRC-Galleria Finland 350,000[38] Open
iWiW Hungary 1,500,000[39] Invite only
Joga Bonito Football (soccer) Unknown Open Music Unknown[40] Open
LDS LinkUp Latter-day Saint social site, forum and job postings Unknown Open to people 18 and over
LDS Singles Hearts LDS social site mentioned in Time Magazine. Unknown[41] Open to people 18 and over
LinkedIn Business 8,500,000[42] Open
LiveJournal Blogging 10,921,263[43] Open
LunarStorm Sweden 1,200,000[44] Open
MEETin General 50,000[45] Open Latinos 3,600,000[46] Open
Mixi Japan 5,000,000[47] Invite-only
MOG Music Unknown Open
Mugshot Live social experiences around entertainment Unknown Open
Multiply "Real world" relationships 3,000,000[48] Open
myGamma Cell phones 1,360,000[49] Open
MySpace General 130,000,000[50] Open
myYearbook General 950,000[51] Open
Neurona Spanish businesses and Italy 760,000[52] Open
Nexopia Canada 866,000 Open
orkut Owned by Google 36,532,811 [53] Open
Passado General (business) 4,700,000[54] Open
Phrasebase Foreign Languages (education) 100,000[55] Open
Piczo Teenagers, Canadians, photo sharing 10,000,000[56] Open
Playahead Swedish teenagers 530,000[57] Open
ProfileHeaven British teens 100,000[58] Open
Rediff Connexions India 1,400,000[59] Open Locating friends and family 25,000,000[60] Open
Ruckus Music 300,000[61] College students only
Ryze Business 250,000[62] Open
Sconex American high schools 500,000[63] Open
Studivz University students, mostly in the German-speaking countries 1,000,000 Open
Studybreakers High school students 34,000[64] Open
Stumbleupon Websurfing 1,200,000[65] Open
TagWorld General (tagging) 1,850,692[66] Open
TakingITGlobal Social action 116,000[67] Open
The Student Center Teens and colleges 800,000[68] Open
Threadless Custom T-shirts 364,474 Open
Travellerspoint Travel 82,000[69] Open
Tribe General 602,876[70] Open
Vampire Freaks Gothic industrial culture 766,000[71] Open
VietSpace Vietnamese 20,000[72] Open
Vox Blogging Unknown Open
WAYN Travel & Lifestyle 7,000,000[73] Open to people 18 and older
WebBiographies Genealogy & Biography 4,500[74] Open
Windows Live Spaces Blogging (formerly MSN Spaces) 30,000,000[75] Open - Uses Windows Live ID
Xanga Blogs and "metro" areas 40,000,000[76] Open
XING Business 1,000,000[77] Open
Xuqa Colleges 1,000,000[78] Open
Yahoo! 360° Linked to Yahoo! IDs 4,700,000[79] Open to people 18 and older
Zaadz Social consciousness 36,467[80] Open


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