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RFID at Prada


has put RFID tags on every item at it's New York Epicentre store.

Technology plays an important role in the store. There are video monitors that hang from racks or are embedded in tables.

The dressing rooms feature clear glass that turns opaque when you step on a round black button on the floor.

Inside the dressing room are two boxes made of thick semi-transparent Lucite. Both of which have RFID antennas embedded in them. One box is for shoes and accessories and the other is for hanging clothing. The closet reads the RFID tag and displays information about the item you are trying on a LCD touch-screen. You can also flick through accessories to go with the item or see the item in different colours or items in the same line.

The RFID Prada customer card is a vital asset for the regular Prada shopper. You can shop anonymously, or you can present your card to a sales associate, who scanas the RFID chip in it. You are identified and your preferences are immediatley called up. If you have a favourite sales associate, he or she can be alerted that you have arrived. If not any associate can quickly review your personal preferences. If you have purchased several pairs of shoes recently, the associate might ask if you would like to see a few new designs that have just come in.

The idea is give a level of service that is superior to anything except the by-appointment bespoke services of upscale boutiques.